Building time critical information
delivery products for Financial Markets

DARTS India is a software company specializing in building time critical information delivery products and applications for Capital Markets.

Financial Market Exchanges (Stocks, commodities and currency), Brokers, Institutions and financial intermediaries use our products to deliver value added service to their clients.

Our products help the various constituents of the Capital Market Ecosystem gain competitive advantage.

We help FinTech companies accelerate their innovation, and build disruptive platforms and products.

As a Retail Broker you are facing enormous challenges with eroding margins, increasing competition and declining revenue growth. Our products help you address these challenges in more than one way

  • Attract new clients with differentiated offerings and value proposition
  • Increase brokerage revenues from your existing clients. Our product stimulates more trading as traders spot more opportunities.
  • Increase revenues from your dealers who use the product to engage clients and share opportunities resulting in more trades.
  • Arrest erosion of client base by rewarding profitable clients with our product Reduce cost with our cost effective hosting options and reduced Bandwidth utilization.
  • Reduce cost with our cost effective hosting options and reduced Bandwidth utilization

Your challenge is to grow trading revenues by helping your clients increase profits and reduce losses. Your challenges are further compounded by the fact that you manage multiple clients and time is critical.Dartstock is your perfect solution. It is a platform.

  • That provides you with a range of actionable information processed and analyzed from huge amounts of Market data both Real-Time & EOD.
  • That empowers you with tools that constantly scan the market on various parameters and help you identify opportunities and risks in near-time.
  • It provides you with an advanced charting application with over 10 studies and 50 indicators.

As a trader you want to maximize profits and minimize losses by participating in short term opportunities and exiting from risks..

Dartstock is your best companion. It provides you with :

  • Data Analysis like trade filters, Resistance & support levels, moving averages etc.
  • Data visualization tools like Heat Map, Market Breadth, Market Dynamics, and Market Meter etc.
  • Smart Scanners that list scrips hitting new highs/lows for different periods, scrips trading above/below moving averages, spurt in volumes, top gainers / losers etc
  • News from various sources and Announcements from Exchange
  • Portfolio tracker to track your portfolio in Real-Time

As a retail investor, your aim is to minimize the risk of losses and earn reasonable returns.

Dartstock Web is an ideal product for you because it provides you with an insight into market with just about the right amount of information and analysis. It is extremely easy to learn and use.

As a Data Vendor, you are focused on providing market data products and services to your discerning trading clients. We build the technology behind these products and services, and help you deliver them more cost-effectively.

  • Exchange connectors
  • Real-Time Market data APIs
  • Historical data APIs
  • Reference data APIs

What's new

  • Darts India launches comprehensive web trading application
  • Darts India launches state-of-the-art mobile app
  • ChartIQ charting Library integrated in Dartstock Web and Mobile
  • Tradingview Charting Library integrated in Dartstock Web and Mobile
  • Option strategy added to Dartstock Power
  • Darts India receives recognition from CIO Review India as one of the 10 Most Promising Capital Market Technology Providers 2021
  • Darts India is now part of the Dun & Bradstreet Global Database
  • Darts India launches the first phase of analytics APIs
  • Darts India launches the second phase of analytics APIs for brokers to enhance their platforms


At Congruent, we are obsessively passionate about solving the US retirement industry’s technology challenges using our CORE suite of enterprise solutions. As we embarked on upgrading the UI/UX of our platform to be ready for tomorrow, we evaluated several software companies to work with our UI design team and found iDarts to be the prefect foil for us. iDarts understood the needs of the demanding US market that we were articulating and works with our team as their extension rather than a vendor at an arms length !!

-Balaraman Jayaraman, Co-Founder and CEO, Congruent®

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