Products Overview

I-darts products have been designed with a single minded objective of empowering a cross section of investors and traders with time critical information and tools for informed decision making. All our products can be delivered on a SAAS model with cost effective hosting and managed services options. Institutions can white label our products with their own brand identity and corporate look & feel. Our products leverage the power of Internet and electronic medium to the fullest extent and delivers content in the most Bandwidth efficient manner.

Dartstock™ Power

Our flagship product Dartstock™ Power combines Real-Time Market data, news and advanced tools & functionswrapped in intuitive user interface to deliver unparalleled Market Experience. It is a Perfect Market Information platform for active traders, dealers, Franchisees, research analysts and affluent retail Investors. It empowers them with Real-time information, data visualization tools, Smart scanners and advanced charting application to spot opportunities and stay on top of Market movements. Dartstock™ Power comes preconfigured with a number of Dashboards to readily serve a wide range of Market information.

Dartstock™ Power is designed to meet the demanding needs of the market in terms of accuracy, throughput and reliability. It can be integrated with any Order management system to facilitate seamless execution. Developed by specialists after extensive research, DARTSTOCK™ Power offers a wide range of capabilities but makes no trade off between features, performance and usability.

Dartstock™ Web

The Dartstock Web is a browser based trading and analytics product that offers many capabilities traditionally found only on advanced desktop platforms. It is fast, intuitive, feature rich and includes advanced charting capabilities, powerful scanners and a host of EOD reports to deliver a holistic trading experience to a keen market enthusiast.

Dartstock™ Mobile

The Dartstock Mobile is a no compromise trading app that enables you to get a firm grip on the markets. It is fast, intuitive and provides Market and stock specific insights to help you trade on the go. The app has been designed by UI/UX experts after extensive research and numerous discussions with various types of users. User preferences and themes combined with advanced scanners and charting tools make it an instant hit with retail users as well as active traders.


Dartcomm is a Market Analysis and Technical charting tool developed specifically for commodity Markets. It includes special features like Seasonal charts, Rolling continuation charts, Spread gap charts apart from Real-Time Market watch, Market depth and various commodity category filters.

The product will find enormous value with Exchange members and active commodity traders.

Dartstock™ APIs

Utilize our powerful hosted Stock Market APIs to build a basic trading platform or enhance your existing platform with Analytics and insights. Our ready to use APIs will help you dramatically cut down development time while maintaining reliability and throughput.

Value Added Products

i-Darts Value Added Products are designed for brokers who are looking to enrich their platform and enhance value to their clients. The suite of products delivers EOD data, reports and analytics. It is an orchestration of data from multiple sources, combined and packaged in a way ready for consumption. Brokers can relax and let i-Darts do all the plumbing while experiencing the smooth flow of information.

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